First Post! 01/26/2009

Breeding Bella!

We are officially announcing in May of 2009, we will be breeding Bella. She is a uniquely colored Black and Silver German Shepherd. She is such a wonderful dog. Bella is the reason we became passionate about breeding German Shepherds. We have never owned a dog like her, and want to better the breed by getting her line out there. We are in the process of obtaining her stud, who also comes from great lines. Once we make all the arrangements, we will put pictures up of the stud we chose for potential customers to see. I know Bella is going to be a wonderful Mother and am excited to get this started.  I will post updates as they happen :) So check back!!



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    Author: Elizabeth

    My name is Elizabeth and I am the BellaShepherds owner/breeder. We are breeding Bella in May 2009 for the first time. This is an exciting time for us right now, as we are passionate about the breed and are loyal to keeping the line pure and the dogs of sound mind and temperament.


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