Health Guarantee:

     The following guarantee, only applies between Myself (BellaShepherds) and the buyer. Third parties are not honored.
     Our puppies, are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. They will have received their first set of booster shots in our care. A fecal, will have been performed, deeming them free of worms.
     Future visits to a vet, by the buyer, should include: Further worming, and booster shots, and any other medical treatment needed to keep the puppy in optimum health.
     Neglect in worming, inoculations or nutrition, will nullify the agreement made between BellaShepherds and the buyer.
     If a life-altering birth defect is found (NOT including cosmetic Example: Non erect ears, missing tooth) the puppy will be replaced with a dog of the same sex from the next litter, of equal value.
     I do not guarantee against communicable diseases. ( Parvo, distemper, kennel cough). To better the chances of your puppy not catching one of these, keep them out of public areas, like Pet stores and the park, until they are at least 4 months of age.

     The pricing on the first litter of puppies is yet to be determined, but will be in the $300-$500 Range.
     Replacing a Pup:
     The puppy, must be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. The diagnosis must be signed, and have the Vets name and number , and license number on it, and it must be sent to the breeder. At the breeders request, a second opinion may be requested by a vet not affiliated, at the buyers expense.
     If the pup is deemed to have a life threatening illness or birth defect, the breeder will then proceed with the process of replacing the puppy.
     If the buyer wishes to return the pup,and and all expenses rest solely upon the buyer. (Shipping costs etc.)

Puppy Facts:
     1. The first Shots will be given by the breeder, at 6 weeks of age, (We use Vanguard Plus 5.) and then it is up to the buyer to continue the shots at 9 weeks of age, (or arrange to pick up your puppy after 9 weeks of age, so that we may administer the shots) and then to take their puppy to the vet at 12 weeks, and 15 weeks to receive their 7-way shots.
     2. We worm the puppies using Pro-Wormer, which removes and controls roundworms and hookworms. By the age of 8 weeks, we will have treated the puppies a total of 5 times. At 10 weeks, it is up to the buyer to administer the final dose.