The German Shepherd dog, has been admired and respected throughout the world, for it's amazing versatility.They are extremely loyal and intelligent, and for that reason have risen to be one of the most popular dogs in America.
     The German Shepherd dog, has an easy-going nature, but gives way to a very strong protective instinct when provoked or threatened. They seem to know right from wrong, and make a wonderful addition to your family and home.
     German Shepherds have a direct and fearless expression. They never appear hostile, but instead  self-confident. Maintaining it's aloofness, the German Shepherd must be approachable, quietly standing his ground and showing confidence.
       In addition to their traditional roles as police and herding dogs, the breed has encountered success in many areas including tracking, leader of the blind, watchdog, rescue, scent identification, agility, obedience, guardian, and of course companion. He is poised and calm, but when the occasion presents itself he can be alert and startling.
Is the German Shepherd dog the right breed for you?:
The German Shepherd dog is fun-loving and energetic. This breed is very fond of children, once the relationship is established. They are a good guard dog, and a loyal, loving family pet. They require regular exercise and grooming, as they do shed.
Physical Description of the German Shepherd Dog:
     An ideal German Shepherd Dog is lively and alert; his body is well-muscled, agile, and powerful. This well-balanced dog is usually longer than he is tall and deep-bodied. He looks substantial and not spindly, giving the impression of muscular fitness whether at rest or in motion. He also appears nimble and never clumsy or flabby. Although difficult to define, the German Shepherds’ look of nobility is unmistakable when present. 
Dogs measure 24 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder, bitches measure between 22 and 24 inches. The correct proportion is 10-to-8 ½ (length-to-height), forming a body that is "slightly elongated, strong and well-muscled. The bone is clean and general construction firm."
The AKC standard defines the German Shepherd chest as deep and capacious, never shallow, with ample room for lungs and heart."
Colors and Markings:
     The German Shepherd comes in many variations of colors.
     Black and Tan (The most common and the most known)
     Black and Silver
     Black and Red
     Black and Cream